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Guest Blog – Susi Pittman: Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know!

Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know! A catchy title which at first glance would appear only to interest a particular religious audience. But, the real essence of this book is in the question “Do You?”

No matter your Christian denomination, whether ecologist or animal advocate, this book is a timeless and engaging look at the pervasive question of pets and animals in the eternal hereafter.

Having loved animals forever, rescuing, adopting and nursing over 79 animals in my adult life, the question of God’s relationship with Creation and its creatures pressed on my heart and in my soul. So much so, as to cause me to seek the truth! To seek answers that would give rise to a true and understandable rationale on the promise of redemption offered the whole world. Did God value all that He created! If so, how did He do that? Where did we lose that? What are the truths of sacred scripture and sacred tradition? What has science contributed to indicate that animal existence does go beyond this realm of existence?

For several years I gathered articles and research materials in the hopes of compiling for myself answers to these questions. But, what I thought I was doing for myself began to develop into a mission of truth sharing with friends and family and eventually the need to address these truths in a public forum. It was a promise I made to by dying husband in January, 2008, that I would indeed finish and publish this research for animal lovers everywhere. Following a sojourn to the Great Smokey Mountains, with my Dalmatian Buddy, to a cabin where a bear was our closest neighbor, a book was born!

There are many well researched references that have given wonderful Parts to this book:
The Truth is Out There
Recognizing God’s Plan
The Way of the Soul
Saints and the Animals
Personal Animal Miracles
Animals and Grief
A Call to Action

One of the hardest truths to understand is included in Part III of the book, The Way of the Soul. It is here where the differential between human and animal is drawn. In truth God provides for both, but how does He do that?

Some of the most fascinating reads in gathering information for this book came from the stories of Catholic saints. Of course, Saint Francis of Assisi leads the group, but there are little known and awesome moments in the lives of many saints, where miraculous and unexplainable happenings between human and animal took place. All of them documented and accorded all due credibility by the authorities of the time. It seems as though our day and time has barreled away irreverently from even giving a kindly glance to such events as these. We are much more interested in our “technical” gods and less of the One God and His creatures.

Suffice it to say, that Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know! will not disappoint you. It relishes the truths of the Christian faith and offers modern day connections and a look at scientific advancements that only support the final answer that Animals DO go to Heaven!